Like the Way You Look

“Is that really in style?” She asked me pointing at the ponchos on the wall.
Part of me wanted to roll my eyes, and the other part of me was interested in why she would question it.

“Yes, they’re back. I’m so glad I love ponchos!” I loved ponchos. I was happy they were back in. They have cool movement, and are usually pretty warm and soft. Snuggly daily wear. It’s almost like wearing a dress as a shirt.

The woman looked at me almost shocked. “Young people wear those?” I wanted to be snarky and ask if she wore one as a “young person” since she looked like the kind of person who would have back in the 60s and 70s when they were first popular.

“Yeah, we do. Fall is the ideal fashion season.” I retorted kindly. Offering the best customer service I possibly could even though I wanted to sigh exasperated.

To push the point even further, just the other day one of my own coworkers commented on an outfit I was wearing. She commented how she “could never pull that off.” I shouted to her as she walked to the other end of the store “Yeah you could, you just wear it and rock it.”

Who care so much about being fashionable? You know what is always in style? Apathy. You wanna know why? Because no one can make fun of how you look if you don’t care how you look. If you don’t care about what the fashion trend is, and just wear what you want, who can judge you? If it looks good on you who can comment? If it looks bad on you, but you like the way it makes you feel or is comfy, who has power over you? Who can influence your style…and who should, but you?

Besides, I’d you are of good character, who cares how you look?


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