The Day After Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas, and all through the house…it’s just me a the kitties laying about.

My husband had to be back to work today, but I still get the day off. Which means I have a whole day to myself, and I’m super excited about it. It’s not often I get so much alone time.

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Another Christmas Eve

It doesn’t matter how many firsts we will be experiencing this year as husband and wife, Christmas really isn’t feeling very special this year. Then again, it really hasn’t felt very special since I was 13, and I began realizing that all the man-made traditions were just a ploy to get people to buy things for each other so stores could make it into the black by the end of the year. Read more

This Lady’s Tea

My church put on a Ladies Candlelight Tea recently for the women of the congregation to enjoy. Which I though was a really nice idea, but all the same I decided not to attend because of keeping our spending down in anticipation for Christmas and tax season. Friends asked me if I would go and I felt welcomed and warm at the thought that other women in church actually wanted me around, which is something I hadn’t experienced at this church for the past 6 years I’ve attended. Read more


It was 3:15 am when I felt it. I opened my eyes to two sets staring back at me. Both cats were laying on my stomach and as I groggily pondered why they decided to get along long enough to both lay on my stomach and not kill each other, the wind outside howled loudly and I knew. Read more


While I don’t hate Christmas as much as I did when I was in retail, I still find myself feeling pretty bitter about the paradox between “goodwill to men” and commercialism. A few years ago I made the commitment to either buy local and small, or purchase items that gave back to a charity. This year, I hardly had the ambition to do either. Read more