“He’s getting married Friday.”

I poured myself another glass of wine and she stared sadly into hers. Read more



My phone sees little use now that I have Internet. With the exception of when my fiancé or mother contacts me I really have very little use for it. Read more

A Personal Fear

I’m the kind of significant other, who sends links to drop hints. Not like, links to gift ideas, or links to vacation spots or anything like that…but I do often send links to my fiancé about important things. I go like articles on issues that can, or are possibly arising in our relationship. Read more

Tiny Tim Syndrome 

Tiny Tim syndrome. That’s what I call it. That character made so popular by Charles Dickens. Raised on the shoulders of Scrooge in the end of the story. Put on a pedestal. Like this honorary creature to be pitied and proud of all at once. His illness makes him this precious feeble creature, but the kind that you have to honor. Be inspired by. His life is so difficult, people whisper, what’s brave boy. Like he lives for their sake. To be their inspiration.

The allegorical Tiny Tim’s of the world are objects of unwanted and unneeded attention. Read more

Weather Patterns

With tears in my eyes I unpacked my bag. Putting my pants and Christmas sweater away I kept repeating my new found mantra over and over again: “It’s our last Christmas alone. Our last.” But I found little comfort in it. I knew we’d be together for Christmas for a very long time after we were married, but that night, I really was anticipating seeing him the next morning, and I found out via poor weather report, it simply was too dangerous to happen. Read more

Meaningful Giving

Shoppers filled my line as I rang at the register. The day blew by between the fast pace and the rude customers I attempted to dodge. With each passing moment of forcing my smile, I found my face hurting more and more. Soon my eyes began to hurt from keeping them from rolling at the mean/rude/stupid customers. After a while I had to crawl my way away from a register and sit in the office for a few minutes to breath. Read more


For those of you who do not know this, I do not own a television. Nope. Not even one. Not at all. Not even a little. Okay maybe a little. I occasionally watch movies I own on my laptop. So kinda a little. But I very infrequently watch films. Read more

Snow Piles

Throat sore, I turned off my alarm and attempted to swallow. Dry winter air often makes my throat raw, and lately it makes my home more and more dry, making my throat more and more susceptible to the raw painfulness that usually follows. I drank a few swallows of water before taking my thyroid meds this morning and then put on some coffee. Read more