Love Struggle

Why is it
That it is so easy
To remember
To tell a loved one
You love them
When they are so far away
But so easy
To forget
To tell God
You love Him
When He is right here?


Open and Shut

I cannot help but wonder
If all this freedom
Really leaves
Our hands tied
Political correctness
Has burdened us
From the freedom to speak
So I wonder
If I have become
Open minded enough
To recognize
That being too open of a mind
Is part of the problem
Not the solution

The Real Hero

I will have a story one day
To recount to the world
But it will not be recounted
By me
But rather by a pastor
In a pulpit
While I lay
Resting on the lining
Of my casket
But no matter the story beginning and middle
I know the last line will read
“…and in the end, God is the hero of this story.”

Sleeping Beauty

I had a dream last night
That every time I fell asleep
It was because someone
Important to my life
Came too close
And that someone
Fell in love with me
Despite my narcoleptic
Romantic gesture

Reckless Freedom


The water was quiet. The seagulls guffawed as the floated on its surface. The sun casting a purple and pink hue across the sky the evening was still. My ribs hurting from laughing and my face from smiling. This was it. The three of us finally being ourselves.

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Creepy People


“Can I see you in tights?” The comment on the photo read.

Fuck no. I reported his comment as abuse, because I’m kinda a troll like that. Treatment like that online and offline is enough to make a girl wish she was uglier. Wish guys weren’t suck fuck heads and could be nice once in a while and respectful.

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Polish Lady


She wasn’t cruel about it. Just surprised. A little shocked and dismayed at my lifestyle and habits. “That’s your problem.” She said honestly and firmly, responding to the comment that I am only able to eat about once to twice a day if I’m lucky. “Oh Lord you need help.”

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