Misfit Toys: A Plot Hole

We started playing Christmas music at the store recently. Though it feels a bit early, the music has been welcomed since it replaced the crappy eurohouse elevator music combo that usually plays. So I’ve been greatful to have music I can actually sing along with. Read more



I started drinking cappuccinos when I was 8. My aunt had a cappuccino maker and used to sit my brother and I at the breakfast bar in her cottage and make them for us with two shots of French vanilla syrup and a pile of frothy milk on top. Read more


My aunts don’t understand it. I didn’t know how to make them. After all, it was a silly argument. Furniture positioning is not rocket science, and it’s such a subjective thing, I wouldn’t consider it worth fighting over. They, on the other hand, though it was worth arguing about. For about 20 min they questioned why I chose the layout I did. Pestered me about it. Even tried to move the furniture on me. Read more

Art Vibes

Since the recent developments in the political climate, I’ve found myself reducing my social network use. Not at all surprising, because I think most of us have since all the arguments are circular, hateful, and certainly overdone. If you haven’t I give you props, but I find myself worn out and tired from it. Read more

Choose to Love

I knew it was coming. Even before the polls opened I knew. When I went to bed that night I knew. It was knowing that discouraged me, but I was not defeated. All things happen in cycles. The world turns. The sun rises and sets. Things start over. New beginnings become the same old same old, and so on into infinity. The same mistakes are made. The same triumphs repeated. This was no exception. This was just another cycle. I could survive another cycle. Read more

To Be American

I was recently remenicing about some past travels abroad and thinking a great deal about the election (as has everyone of course, since it’s practically being force fed to us by every media outlet). I recalled when I was in London, England for a short time. It was for nine days with my aunt, who had once lived there and wanted to share the experience with me. I soaked in everything I could. Read more

Right to Vote

I couldn’t help but feel extremely prejudice afterward. Embarrassed with myself though I hadn’t even said or done anything, but it was all in my head buzzing around like a fly near a pile of shit, as are many of my embarrassing moments. Read more