Misfit Toys: A Plot Hole

We started playing Christmas music at the store recently. Though it feels a bit early, the music has been welcomed since it replaced the crappy eurohouse elevator music combo that usually plays. So I’ve been greatful to have music I … Continue reading

Art Vibes

Since the recent developments in the political climate, I’ve found myself reducing my social network use. Not at all surprising, because I think most of us have since all the arguments are circular, hateful, and certainly overdone. If you haven’t … Continue reading

To Be American

I was recently remenicing about some past travels abroad and thinking a great deal about the election (as has everyone of course, since it’s practically being force fed to us by every media outlet). I recalled when I was in London, England for a short time. It was for nine days with my aunt, who had once lived there and wanted to share the experience with me. I soaked in everything I could. Continue reading