Mix CDs

I read the crudely written title written on the disc: “And Thus I Was Confused.” Why the heck did I come up with such bizarre names for mixed CDs? I was such an odd high schooler. What had I been confused about when I made this? Read more



“…identity and action are intrinsically bound to each other.”
Chasing Elephants
(pg 91) by Brent Crowe

I’ve been doing some very deep introspection lately. The kind that tends to tear you apart inside and look at all those ugly places you’d rather ignore. It’s a daunting task. Exhausting and brutal. It can cause one to become internally abusive to ones self, as I am prone to do pretty frequently. Read more


“Mom says you haven’t been eating much.”

I shrugged.

“Do you want help with groceries?”

I shrugged again. He sighed.
“You’re a diabetic. You can’t do stuff like that. I’m concerned.” Read more

A Drive

“Dude just needs to get a girlfriend. I don’t know why he does this kind of thing! Why do people confess this kind of shit to me?”

“Um, because you go to drinking parties. You know…drunk people are involved.” Read more


The bowtie noodles were disturbed as I continued to mix in what was left of the spaghetti sauce into them. The first bite was only slightly tragic as I discovered that I did not cook the noodles long enough, but that was a short lived emotion, since I was too hungry to care. As I chewed the odd texture of soft firmness, I contemplated life in a manner that made me consider the fragility of life. Read more