Housewares Show: Chicago

Chicago is overwhelming enough for me. The sights, the sounds, and constant stream of voices and activity between people, technology, and landscape. It’s practically an artwork of it’s own, one that I have grown to love, but at a respectful distance, as my introversion often dealt with feeling violated and exhausted by such an environment. The Housewares Show merely added to this overwhelming sense of feeling. Read more


Deadlines, Assembly lines, and Waistlines 

Since starting my full-time job as a graphic designer, I’ve found myself relying on reading energy. The energy of people, the energy of a room, the energy of collaboration. Trying to gauge how much energy people are investing into projects. Much of the energy of my investment, has gone into cooking with my team. Read more

Busy Week

I’ve been out with people nearly every night this week. Which is odd for me. As an introvert I’m almost always isolating myself to give me plenty of time to recharge, especially since I work in customer service and spend pretty much 24/7 with people. Not this week though. Read more

Not That Kind of Manager 

“Will you always be here to help me with this?”

“Well, no, this is one of those things you really ought to be self sufficient at eventually.”

She tightened her lips. I knew she didn’t like that response. That’s the way these things go though. When you work in the retail industry your Visual Manager isn’t always there to get things done. She should know that. She’s worked retail before. Read more

Meaningful Giving

Shoppers filled my line as I rang at the register. The day blew by between the fast pace and the rude customers I attempted to dodge. With each passing moment of forcing my smile, I found my face hurting more and more. Soon my eyes began to hurt from keeping them from rolling at the mean/rude/stupid customers. After a while I had to crawl my way away from a register and sit in the office for a few minutes to breath. Read more

Snow Storm

As I drove home today, I watched the water in the lake undulate with great effort. Obvious signs of freeze tipping each wave as the chunks of ice and slush washed over the snow drifts at the shore and danced upon each wave. The lake was slush as far as the eye could see. The air crisp and dry, causing each breath to be followed by a cough if one inhailed too sharply. My hands only just began regaining sensation as I drove into my driveway. The wind blew as I came inside. Read more