I am easily discouraged lately.  I’m discouraged because work has been very tense with toxic communication and disrespect for other people’s job descriptions.  I’m discouraged because I’m paying a great deal of money for a wedding that doesn’t feel like … Continue reading


Pre-Marital Counseling

I just filled out two forms for pre-marital counseling. Two. Forms. And I’m not even done yet. There are still more forms to fill out online for some program we able to pay for that guides us through our counseling … Continue reading


Busy Week

I’ve been out with people nearly every night this week. Which is odd for me. As an introvert I’m almost always isolating myself to give me plenty of time to recharge, especially since I work in customer service and spend … Continue reading


Not That Kind of Manager 

“Will you always be here to help me with this?”  “Well, no, this is one of those things you really ought to be self sufficient at eventually.” She tightened her lips. I knew she didn’t like that response. That’s the … Continue reading


Bad Management 

“We got a lot done today.”  She rolled her eyes and I made a questioning face at her.  “He doesn’t think we did. He thinks we just wasted that last half hour doing nothing. He doesn’t believe in collaboration.”  I … Continue reading



I had posted a thread of comments recently. Ones made by people from other countries on a post about how in America it’s less expensive to take an uber to the hospital than it is to take an ambulance. The … Continue reading



I’m not sure

What was more painful

Was it knowing

How long it took them

To pry him from

That frozen park bench

Or that when I heard

I had to pretend I was shocked

He died of an overdose


Sit and Look Pretty

I spent 20 min of my life this morning putting on makeup. Mixing some of my favorite eye shadows, blending, delicately brushing on mascara. Each passing moment I watched my face transform from a regular early morning to “I wish … Continue reading


Broken Trust

They were all becoming pastors. That’s what suddenly struck me. They were all supposed to be becoming people who were helping to lead other people on their spiritual walk. No wonder church had such a bad taste in my mouth. … Continue reading


They Don’t Seek

People just don’t seek much anymore. 

They think they’ve heard it all. 

Seen it all. 

Repost, reblogg it all. 

Perhaps they have. 

Perhaps not. 

What I know is they don’t go seeking for much, because they think they know much. 

Information overload. 

That’s what it really is. 

They don’t seek because it’s too tiresome. 

Because they’re burned out and overwhelmed. 

They act like they know it all, because they know too much. 

More than they want to. 

Probably about things that don’t matter. 

Or they don’t care about really, but can’t unknow.