Shit I’d Say if I Were Mean

Her: “There are things about marriage that you’ll just never understand unless you’re married.”    Me: “Well that’s pretty self righteous of you to say. Maybe your marriage needs to end in divorce to give you that extra dose of … Continue reading


One Cold Evening

The sun kept creeping behind the clouds, causing the air to chill again.  I curled my hands inside my sleeves.  Waiting.  Wishing.  I tucked my feet numbly into my slippers.  Hoping the sunbeam had left a quiet memory of warmth … Continue reading


Weird Week

It’s just one of those weeks where I feel like it started off weird and got weirder. Which doesn’t surprise me. I’m kinda a weird person surrounded by other weird people. It’s been interesting to say the least.  Life goes … Continue reading



Just pretend that

The headlights 

Coming at you

Are a sunrise 

Bringing a new day



She is caught wondering  How to cope when  Spoken word at the pulpit Is far too loud  And the written word is just  Far too silent Advertisements


Too Much

I wanted nothing Which apparently Was far too much  To ask of him Advertisements



I want to Swallow that Wild and untamable wind  And hope that it will Fill me until  I float away Advertisements


You in or Out? 

It’s been a couple Thousand minutes And a  Couple thousand miles. Now I ask If we are still doing this Or not?  Advertisements


Silver and Gold

Cold as ice Fountains hang above Like knives that glitter A false silver in the sun A bit out of place In a world that runs  Exclusively after false gold Advertisements


Great Quote

“In other words, real confession admits more than that we have done something wrong (like I have stolen or I have lied or I have cheated). Real confession, true confession, admits that I have done something to someone else…God waits … Continue reading