Resurrection Sunday Thoughts

It’s resurrection Sunday. The most joyous Sunday in Christian holy days. The day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, but not just that, we celebrate the metaphors of dying to self and resurrecting as a child … Continue reading


Nine Days

The single digits now. The last minute everything piling up. The stress should be lifting by this point right? Things are getting done as the day gets closer. You would think marking things off the checklist would help right?  Then … Continue reading


Rivers Edge

Light and shadow

Dance in the shallows


The contrast

Of values


Summer Daze 

I’m manning the front desk

Looking up recipes

To make cookies as good 

As Subway

And remenicing about

A summer day soon to come

Thinking about 

Beaches I’ll never go to

And sand in my shoes that

In the moment I’ll probably hate

And still

I want to live those summer days

All the same



I don’t know any of you.  I don’t know what that means really. How significant is that to my life? To yours? I pour out my soul to you every so often. Share some of my most intimate feelings and … Continue reading


A Thought on Public Breastfeeding 

I think it’s weird that something considered erotic (breasts) is also considered necessary to feed an innocent child, but the act of feeding a child publicly is also a threat to childlike innocents…somehow.  Advertisements