I did the thing…

Despite every part of me being absolutely terrified to do it, I finally did the thing….I followed a few people on WordPress. A lot of people would laugh at this, but it’s actually a really nerve wracking thing for me … Continue reading

When Heroes Never Die

Bringing characters back…… https://movies948.wordpress.com/2018/01/06/bringing-characters-back/ — Read on movies948.wordpress.com/2018/01/06/bringing-characters-back/ Death is such a compelling factor for survival and finality in storyline. What kind of effect does storytelling have when we remove death as an obstacle or finality by bringing characters back … Continue reading

Passionate Subjects

“You have to write about what they want to talk about.” I’ve been doing a ton of SEO stuff on a website for work lately. So to get into the zone, I was listening to lectures about the newest improvements … Continue reading

5 Ways to Ruin Your SEO on Your Blog [On Purpose]

Why Would you want to ruin your SEO? Because you don’t want to be found easily. Simple as that. I use my blog as a personal online journal that my boss or family can’t find. It’s personal therapy for me … Continue reading

Housewares Show: Chicago

Chicago is overwhelming enough for me. The sights, the sounds, and constant stream of voices and activity between people, technology, and landscape. It’s practically an artwork of it’s own, one that I have grown to love, but at a respectful … Continue reading

Imago Dei

I’ve been struggling lately with this concept of Imago Dei. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it’s Latin for “In God’s Image” and is a concept all Christians are taught at usually a pretty young age, mainly because … Continue reading