Black Friday: Post Work Drama

She had tried to put the moves on him a few weeks prior. He had told me. I was upset of course, but thankful that nothing worse had happened. I was dealing with it. At least I thought I was. … Continue reading


Black Friday

No. If I go through those doors and work that twelve hour I have fallen to weakness. I will have let my fear of not having a job overwhelm my sense of dignity and priorities. My self worth even. But, weak is exactly what I will be. Fearful is exactly what I’m going to be. I’m going to do my time. Come home. Go to bed. Then do it all over again. 

Because we are all sellouts letting pieces of paper run our lives. 

A Facebook Conversation

 So if you haven’t seen how attractive the man who voice acted Arnold from the animated series “Hey Arnold” on Nickelodeon, you won’t get this convo at all. 

He’s a very beautiful man. 

Indeed we are. Good times.  


Retail For a Cause

Black Friday us upon us, and I’m not at all excited about it. I have to work from 8pm Thursday to 8am on Friday. For what? It feels like just a bunch of greed really. 

Can you all do me a solid? 

Instead of shopping on Black Friday shopping, or even in addition to it,  I want to see people posting and donating to charities. Maybe you can buy some items from the shops that many charities have as replacements for typical gifts? Wouldn’t it make someone feel better if they knew their shirt was for sustainable change? Or if they knew their bag ended slavery? Or if they knew a furry friend was made safe off the streets from their bracelet? Wouldn’t that be something? 
I made a board on Pinterest last Black Friday as I waited to clock in for work. It was midnight I think when I had to officially start. I was exhausted and overwhelmed by the amount of customers and anger people were dealing with. So I made this Pinterest board of all the online retail that I could find that was directly related to charities, and who’s products would make a difference in the world. If you need a place to start, then here is the link : 

Be creative, I just want to see a lot more giving and a lot less meaningless commercialism. It would make my Black Friday a little brighter. Feel free to share your favorite charities in the comments below as well. I’m always looking for additions to the board and caused that need awareness. 

Thanks guys. 


A Bad Poem

Have you not known The joy Of knocking off “Drinking a gin and tonic Out if a coffee mug”  Off your bucket list Advertisements


Food For Thought

I have a friend who is very anti-feminist. The story is vague on details, but he often likes to play it up continually. Constant posts about being a “menist” often come into my Facebook feed, and as a feminist our … Continue reading



I’ll keep it So close to my vest You’ll never know  If it’s tears in my eyes Or glitter on my eyelashes  Advertisements


Red Cups

Christians are upset that Starbucks didn’t put holiday decorations on their cups.  I’m over here like: “I’m just happy they gave me a clean but festive canvas to doodle on.”  Let’s calm down people.  Advertisements



Am I really okay Documenting my life Through windows Within four walls Of plaster Pretending that I’m protected?  Am I not made to weather  The storms in the world?  Is my own skin not Enough protection?  Is my mind so … Continue reading


The Spider in my Bathroom

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