“Why can’t we just elope?” 

I could practically hear the grimace over the phone. Without words his lips still managed to say  I thought women wanted weddings. I do. I want a wedding…of just the two of us and a pastor. Maybe a couple witnesses. They don’t even have to be people we know. Just people to sign the paperwork. Read more


The Best Way to Wake Up

I heard him come into my room and I stirred from my sleep.

“Baby are you awake?”

“Come be with me.” I said with sleep still tainting my words. Groggy I patted the empty side of the bed. I felt drunk, but I knew I was just overtired. Read more

The Offer

When the Real Estate agent finally showed up (a half hour late), I took my boyfriend in to see the house. We noticed the obvious power and water cut off notices on the door. Clearly the owner of the place didn’t care so much anymore. He was behind on everything. I began to get a bit concerned. Could the seller even afford to sell the house? Read more

Soul Tired

“It’s been so long.” She said on the phone, and hearing her voice only made me miss her more deeply than I even realized. I had been ignoring how much I missed everyone from school. It was painful to think about it. Things kept getting in the way of me making a plan to see them. She called, and it tore open that wound of longing. It had been too long since I had been with my tribe.

But, it’s so hard to talk to people about it. Read more

To Kill or Not to Kill

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. I’m interested to see how people respond to it. It’s so philosophical. It forces me to ask so many other questions. Like, do I sacrifice my own morals because of the failing morals of another person? For example: if I were to kill a murderer, I then become a murderer. I become the ultimate abuser by abusing a disregard for human life and dignity just as they did. Read more