How I Crank These Out

You may have noticed, and you may not have noticed. Not only do I blog almost daily, but I have a habit of revising previous blog posts on occasion. Sometimes I find a better way of saying something. Sometimes I … Continue reading


A Little Ray of Sunshine in the Rain…

After a long day at work, coming home in cold wet rain, and ready to climb into bed and sleep forever, I came home to a little envelope with my name on it. Within was held a little card asking a very important question…


I have never been a bridesmaid before. I don’t know what it will entail and I can’t say I will be a good one, but I am so honored that my future sister-in-law cares enough about me being in her wedding. I can’t help but also feel a little heartache of happiness. I have wanted a little sister all my life. Now I get one.

Need More Poetry

A friend of mine once told me how she was ridiculed for having a blog of poetry by some dumb broad whom I often imagine to be blond for some reason or another. Said person had too her something to … Continue reading



I had forgotten how good it felt to take my vitamins. I actually felt like a human being again. My blood sugars were normal for at least one day. Only one low in the afternoon after hauling a bunch of … Continue reading


Another Attempt

I’m trying to read my Bible more. It is probably one of the hardest things to convince myself I need to do. I have this very natural aversion to being told I’m a sinner, as all people are. I am okay being told I’m imperfect or incomplete, but the term “sinner” feels so harsh. Continue reading


Hitting Walls

“I almost feel like political correctness is the new terrorism.” I blurted out. I could tell she had already written me off, so what was the point? “Oh no honey, political correctness is just being polite.” “No. It’s not. Being … Continue reading


Bring Us Back

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the kind of person who really should be in church. I mean, besides the strong urge to yell at everyone to go fuck themselves, I don’t have any issues with it. They do good work, … Continue reading



I wish nothing more Than to run Beyond where the street lights end Where light cannot touch Our naked skin in the dark And where only the void of night Sets free it’s darkest shadows I want to go to … Continue reading


I’m a Good/Bad Reader

Yes, I am guilty of committing one of the worst offenses a reader can commit. I am currently reading (about) four books. That is right, (about) four. I’m a glutton for punishment I know, and my process of reading is … Continue reading