Lonely Extrovert

“Did you make any new friends yet baby?”

“No, not yet.”

He sounded cheerful, but I could tell he was discouraged. Read more


Surprise Weddings

“She thought people would be upset if we didn’t tell them.”

“So what if they get mad!?!? It’s your day! You should do it how you want!” Read more

Thoughts on 9 Days of Marriage

I really don’t want this to sound cold, because marriage is a very significant commitment to so many people, including myself. However, I understand now why people don’t seem to feel like marriage is as big of a deal as others. Sure, you have the ceremony. Sure you have the reception and party a bit. Sure you have the honeymoon and in my case, lose your virginity. However, none of these things seem to make you “feel” any different. At least in my case it doesn’t. Read more