Ideas and The “Body of Christ” 

“What would you recommend as a woman’s Bible Study activity?”

“Bring in a guy who can teach us how to do our own oil changes.”

“I’m asking seriously.” Read more



“I can’t go.” He messages.

We had been planning this trip since Christmas. He even talked to his boss about it and his boss had told him it wouldn’t be a problem. Suddenly when he reminded his boss it was apparently a problem.  His job is one of those places that you can’t put in your vacation time too early or too late. It’s all verbal. All of it. So even if something is approved verbally they can still put you on the schedule. If you’re on the schedule, you’re working. Read more


In a day I probably have a million blog post ideas. I’m not kidding. I think a lot. Probably more than I ought to and probably about things I shouldn’t think about. That’s what I do though. Think. Think and then write. It’s all I’ve ever done. Read more

The Boat

He kept looking back as he boarded the boat. Each time his face looked more sad than the next. I kept biting my lip. Trying not to cry. At times I couldn’t even look up. The lump in my throat got larger as he disappeared into the swarm of people.

I was there. On the dock. Alone. Read more