The Ocean Sucks as a LoverĀ 

What a selfish lover

The ocean must be

To the shore

To crash violently into her

To run himself all over her

To reach for her as lovers

Often reach with tenderness

To kiss every piece of her

To fill her with thoughts

Of only himself

To linger far too briefly 

And leave her 

Far too soon when she was

Just starting to get wet

Only to return 

And do it all again



Flitting about 

Like a nervous little sand piper

You tethered on the edge

Of a little less than sane

But I assured you

Warm cup in hand and

Prophetic sight in my mind 

That you were going to 

Be just the exact amount

Of courageous as you needed

And you quieted from sand piper 

To mourning dove

Cooing your mournful sound

To comfort yourself