Stuck in the Past

“See all those marks and dents on the table there?”


“That’s from him slaming his phone repetitively until it broke.” Read more


Turn Off Your Brain

“Whatcha thinking about?”


I watched as my husband stared at nothing in particular and wondered, but I didn’t pry further. Surely he wasn’t thinking of nothing. Or rather, surley he wasn’t capable of not thinking of anything. No one can do that.  Read more

Friend Breakup

So I had a friend breakup recently with a guy friend I had since 8th grade. Friend breakups are hard in every way possible, but when you’re dealing with a person who is heavily into drugs, abusive, and has a narcissistic personality disorder, no matter what you do you end up the loser. Read more

Life stuff and feelings and whatever…

There was once a time when I was able to write like it was no tomorrow. Words would just flow out of me and I just invested so much time in short stories and personal narratives about my life, that it only made perfect sense to invest my time and efforts into documenting life. Yes, my life was quite boring, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have topics to share or thoughts and ideas that I needed to express. So I wrote. I wrote a lot. Tons. So much. Read more