No Answers…Again

“Even the other realtor is shaking her head. You were a sure thing! I don’t know why they didn’t take your offer.”

“Because of a number difference. I’m not surprised at all.” Read more


No Answers 

“I can’t handle all of it.” I whispered that first week to myself as I laid in bed thinking of everything I had to do. That should have been enough of an indicator to me that I needed to delegate and ask for help. But no. Once again I had to let all of my responsibilities pile up until they became an overwhelming clump of hot mess. Read more

Painful Possibilities

“I don’t think she understands that I may not live to see that.”

I had finally said it. It finally came out of my mouth after thinking it for the last couple of years. There it was out in the open. In the back of my parents minivan on Sept. 11th, 2016, I finally said the words that were always hardest to think and even harder to utter. Read more

No Cure

“It sounds like your pancrease might actually be working.”
I nearly threw my burger across the table and flipped it. Why would you say a dumbass thing like that? It’s obviously not working! My blood sugar was just 285 fasting. Clearly not working.

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Learning to Love

So, in my pursuit to be prepared for marriage I have started to look into literature on the matter. Not that I’m very excited about reading up on such things, but I figured I would do what I could to attempt to better myself and be “ready” for spending the rest of my life with another human being. Read more


Coco Chanel once said that when you wear perfume you wear it “wherever you want to be kissed.”

I recall some time ago I had a discussion with the other girls in the cosmetics department about how and where To use perfume. Read more


It was the kind of hot and sticky day where the air outside was stuffier than the air indoors. Which didn’t happen very often, but lately often enough to make breathing that much more labored. I stood on the threshold of the doorway, listening to a distant cicada sound its wings in the usual metallic drone, then quite suddenly fall silent. Read more