The biggest talent I feel a photographer must have, is being at the right place at the right moment when life is happening. Which is a hard talent to master, and definitely requires you to be out, about, and prospecting critically what life moments one is meant to capture. Things I have not been able to do for a long time. Read more


The Visit

“It didn’t go well.”

“What do you mean it didn’t go well?”

“She was pissed off at the state of the store.” Read more

Gift RegistriesĀ 

This was just like trying to figure out the bridesmaid dresses. Staring at the screen for hours. Fickle. Evaluating. Trying to figure out what’s more practical. What’s more reasonable. What will work the best. That process had taken me several weeks. This shouldn’t be as hard as that. Wedding registries are about what the couple needs. What you and your spouse would like to replace. What you and your spouse could use.
We don’t need anything though. Read more


At six o’clock in the morning I woke up. Excited out of my mind, I had slept very lightly. My hands caught the covers and threw them off of myself as I hurried to turn off my alarm and take my morning pills. After that was finished I quickly got dressed and began stripping the bed and packing the last of my things. I could hardly wait. Read more

A Comment I Didn’t Post…

A girl I know posted a question on Facebook asking people what they got bullied for in school. There was an overwhelming response to the question, which not only spoke volumes to the cruelty of humanity, but also opened a wound in my heart that spilled out a comment I wanted to post for everyone to see. Read more