People Suck

Why can’t people just be happy for her? It was her third marriage. People kept reminding her and anyone else who would listen to their mouth flap. Yes, it was her third, not that the number counted toward or against … Continue reading



Me: *makes decision about wedding*

Sales person: “You don’t want to do that…” 

Me: My fiancé and I decided this is what we want though.

Sales person: “Oh! Excellent choice!”

A Long Post About the Friend Zone and the Girlfriend Zone

In college I had a guy friend who happened to go through a really bad breakup with his fiancé. I had been close to both he and his ex fiancé at the time, spending a great deal of time with … Continue reading


A Critique: Pantene “Sorry, Not Sorry.”

I watched it. My initial reaction was positive. How nice. Nice that they were empowering women. Nice that they were making women out to be stronger.

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Faith is Not a Gender Issue

Many ask me how I can be a Christian Feminist. Not because they think it’s counter productive necessarily, but they can’t understand how a feminist could be okay with a Patriarchal God. I often laugh at this question, because for … Continue reading


We Do Not Love the Same

No it wasn’t I
Who gave you everything
It was someone else
Someone who’s value
Hinged on you
Who’s self worth
Was decided by you
But you do not decide
How much I am worth
That is between me
And my Maker
I might give you
Small things
But to give you myself
That will not come
Until you prove that
You deserve me
That you are committed to me
Until it is sealed
And do not think
Because someone
Gave herself to you
That you can justify
My own choices for me


Beware….a Feminist Book Review….Or Something Like That

Recently, I began reading a book called Killing the Black Body which is a work about the history of African American women’s reproductive rights and it’s switch from the culture of slavery which forced these women into motherhood, to enforcing the … Continue reading


The Skinny

I was absolutely livid as I looked at the woman on the screen. A fuller figure yes, but plus size. I was shocked. Irritated. Pissed off. Then I got even more so, when they said her dress size. Size 10. … Continue reading


Nothing From Me

If you want to lose me Use me as a work horse Tell me what to do Boss me around Objectify me Treat me like I am A thing to own Instead of a person to be held To love … Continue reading


On the Topic of Mulan….I Just Wanna Say….

If there is anything I dislike about people who claim to be Disney fans (of which I am one, because of the extremely well presented marketing structure of Disney, it’s quality story telling, and it’s beautiful design and animation), it … Continue reading