Responsible Party

I don’t hate police officers. I’m afraid of them though. I’m not really what one would consider a minority, I’m a white female so I understand at least a little where I have privilege (though I’ll admit there is much … Continue reading

Charity Problems

Recently, I began trying to post charities for the holidays. You know, trying to get people not the spirit of giving instead of taking. It’s been pretty interesting to look at some of the videos on these sites and to take time to see the faces these charities are reaching. I really pay attention to the designs of the websites, and some of them are just well done beyond reason. The designer in me pays a great deal of attention to detail, and I was impressed with the design and quality of so many of those sites, their merchandise, and how put together their media was. I felt more willing to give to sites that looked pretty, because it felt safer, like they were putting their money into their promotion as well as their passion, and I could definitely get behind that. That is a common conception that most typical users get from sites that are well maintained.  Continue reading

Faith is Not a Gender Issue

Many ask me how I can be a Christian Feminist. Not because they think it’s counter productive necessarily, but they can’t understand how a feminist could be okay with a Patriarchal God. I often laugh at this question, because for … Continue reading

Beware….a Feminist Book Review….Or Something Like That

Recently, I began reading a book called Killing the Black Body which is a work about the history of African American women’s reproductive rights and it’s switch from the culture of slavery which forced these women into motherhood, to enforcing the … Continue reading