The Ocean Sucks as a LoverĀ 

What a selfish lover

The ocean must be

To the shore

To crash violently into her

To run himself all over her

To reach for her as lovers

Often reach with tenderness

To kiss every piece of her

To fill her with thoughts

Of only himself

To linger far too briefly 

And leave her 

Far too soon when she was

Just starting to get wet

Only to return 

And do it all again


Her Scar

As she slept in his arms
Body free of garments
Glistening in sweat
He gazed at the scar
Where her wound once was
He cursed it
For nearly taking her from him
But in the same breath
He blessed it
For it was that nearly fatal wound
That brought her to him
So he might save her life
And he might have a chance
To love her