People Suck

Why can’t people just be happy for her?

It was her third marriage. People kept reminding her and anyone else who would listen to their mouth flap. Yes, it was her third, not that the number counted toward or against anything, though for them it did. They used it as a quantifier in which to judge her, instead of as a fact. Yes, she had been married three times before. They didn’t want to know the rest of the story, only that at one point, she had two other husbands. 

The first one died tragically of cancer. It was painful for her. He was older, and of course they judged her on that too. Even then, they didn’t care that she was stable, happy, and loved. Only that he was so much older than she was. When he died she was alone in the loneliest of ways. Three children who could barely understand where their father had gone. People pretended to mourn with her, but they didn’t really care. They judged. As they always do. Thus, she pulled away as she always did when she sensed toxicity and resentment.

She tried to love again, but the toxicity of others brought someone into her life that was fueled by their toxicity. It turned him against her. He manipulated her, threatened her, convinced her to marry him or else he would say, but the else would change. He’d find her, he’d hurt her, he’d hurt the kids, he’d hurt himself. He was desperate, and it made her desperate. So she married him to protect herself and her children, besides she could handle it she thought, and of course they judged her for that too. For trying to love. For letting his threats get to her. For ultimately marring someone else betraying her first marriage like her late husband was still alive. 

Nothing she did was good enough for them, and as the poison of their presence in her life seeped in, she began to believe that she would never be good enough ever. They all would find reason to talk. 

After having enough, and deciding to ask for her worth and being refused, she left him. They judged her once again, but this time for leaving. She decided not to listen to it. She took her children and moved away. Started going to church. Started learning to love herself again. Her children felt more free to be creative. She felt more free to be creative. Finally, she was ready to love again, and she did. They got married and are happier than ever! Of course they judged her again. They still do. But this time she shut the door on their words and made a home of love and safety for her family. They live happily and functionally. She finally feels that kind of safety and love she once had felt. Yet, they still judge. Out of ignorance. Out of malice. Out of loving to hear their own voices. They say the children must be emotionally torn apart, as if she had never spoken to them or gotten their input about it prior. Like she was being selfish. Like she hadn’t sat on my couch for several hours pouring out her soul about how the kids would feel and if they would let her get married again. Because she needed their permission. Not that those who judged her knew, and not that they cared. They just wanted to pretend to have empathy. 

I was so angry to hear how many people so openly talked about her in front of me. So willingly thought that I’d agree with them. So openly shamed her. So I spoke up, knowing that I too Would be judged, merely asking if they knew all these accusations for certain. Asking if they were living her life for her and felt as if they could come along and have a say in it. Asking if they enjoyed talking about her more than talking to her. So they stopped speaking to me. 

Neither she nor I have felt loss at their absence. 

I’m just getting so sick and tired of ignorant people talking about things they know nothing about. Especially when it has nothing to do with their lives. She’s not a relative. Her life has zero impact on theirs. Why open your mouth at all? LET HER LIVE HER FREAKING LIFE WITHOUT BEING AN OBJECT OF YOUR JUDGMENT! But, of course, we all judge. It’s our nature to want to. To gauge our lives against the lives of others and assure ourselves that we are doing the right thing. As if there is even a definition for that. I do it too. I catch myself being that person all the time, and realizing that I’ve got my own problems too. People ignore the fact that life is messy because people are messy, and a mess is a mess no matter how big or small it seems to be. 

If it isn’t your mess, just don’t worry about it. 

Sad News

“He committed suicide last night.”

My heart sank into my stomach. 

“Oh wow.” Was all I could muster. 

A coworker I worked close to had ended his own life. The last person in the world I would have thought to take his own life, was gone. Always smiling and joking around with everyone. Always something nice to say, or something wise to impart on people. Thoughtful and introspective as ever. Clear blue eyes and a heart of gold. 

A broken heart of gold apparently. 

I felt bad for the manager who called me. He had gone to my coworkers home to find him when he didn’t show up for work. It was his last day as one of our department managers. This was not the kind of way someone wants to end his time at a place of work. It’s not the way you want to leave a place. Then to have to call everyone to let them know what is going on at work….that must be a very heavy and painful responsibility. He didn’t go alone thankfully, but it was sobering to think of the two of them finding a man we found so endearing and kind in an absolute and final state of hopelessness.

It isn’t until after a person passes that you start to get a glimpse of their life. Especially while you’re in a professional environment. You kind of know them. You get glimpses of their life as time goes on, but you never really know the whole story. Had I known all I found out, I would have reached out more. He lived alone after his mother passed away two years ago. Very little family left in the world. He dealt with chronic pain, but never seemed to complain about a thing. Always did what he could for you when you asked. Always gave insightful feedback. Never seemed upset by anything, always very easy going. Joking and laughing like the rest of us. 

I just can’t believe he’s gone. Tomorrow I have to walk into work and hold it all together while knowing his absence. Feeling him not being there will be the worst. Knowing I won’t have that extra pair of helping hands and that kind personality to connect with will be difficult. That person with a listening ear and a good story to tell was going to never speak or listen again. 

Just wish I could have done something. I’m sure we all do. Nothing we can do now, but wish and love on each other.