I’m not a makeup blogger. I probably never will be, mostly because I do not buy into the same kind of mentality a lot of makeup artists do about the “right” way to do makeup. While I was once a professional makeup artist (no I didn’t go to cosmetology school, I just worked cosmetics in a department store), I don’t believe in the up-sell of making people buy more , which is what western culture promotes with techniques like “baking” and contouring and such. Not that those things don’t accomplish amazing tasks and offer a great deal of creative possibility, but I don’t believe everyone needs it or should feel like they have to use or do something like that to look good. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is more.

For one of you who are not my longtime readers, I got into makeup when I was in college as part of the theater troupe. I wasn’t into acting or performing, but I lied the atmosphere, and when the need arose for a makeup artists, I volunteered because I just happened to know a few things about makeup.

Of course, I knew very little really about makeup, but I liked color and often watched YouTube tutorials, even thought I hardly wore makeup myself. I ended up doing makeup for every show all four years I was in college, and when I graduated from college with my design degree…I of course started working retail almost immediately as a beauty advisor. Eventually I got promoted to visual merchandise manager after a couple years, but I never stopped loving makeup and often still found myself covering shifts in the cosmetic department of our store.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I got a TON of new makeup recently…like an overindulgent amount to the point where it is absolutely ludicrous. Since getting all this makeup I’ve been doing all I can to actually wear it and use it, which means…staying home and wearing makeup around the house because I never go out and do things really. Thankfully, things like Instagram and WordPress exists…which gives me a platform to publicly display my face and looks, without leaving the comfort of my bed…as is the natural habitat of the introvert.

Now that I’m a graphic designer for a housewares company, makeup is a hobby and creative outlet that I enjoy playing with. A coworker of mine who is very talented as a makeup artist and I share an office and are often sharing makeup secrets and recommendations. Recently she recommended this pallet to me, which is really cool and has some really great colors for subtle or dramatic looks.

Plus it has such great packaging and it’s like $8 at Khols, $10 if you order it from with a little shipping and such. Anyway, it’s got some really great pigment for such an inexpensive pallet that I just had to share it with you all, not that many of you care, but it got me really excited.

Here are the colors:

As you can see I’ve already well loved most of them, but you gotta see some of the looks I’ve used some of these colors in:

I’m much more used to dramatic looks, but since I’ve gotten older I find myself leaning more towards pastel goth looks and kawaii/Lolita stuff in the past two years because they are more socially acceptable to wear daily than the cyber goth or goth glam looks that I used to be more interested in.

All that being said, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some makeup brands I’ve come to love and trust over the years.


I started wearing Clinique and using their 3 Step Kits when I was thirteen. Fifteen years later I still use their 3 Step Skin Care System along with their Super Balance foundation and their Acne Solutions foundation (during that time of the month).

Kat Von D

Because I went through a goth phase, Kat Von D was my first exposure to highly pigmented and long lasting makeup. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t buy from her line, but I absolutely love her Studded Creme Kiss Lipsticks. Plus all her stuff is cruelty free.

Mahya Mineral Makup

Seriously, it’s just crushed minerals and with glitters this pretty, how can you absolutely not love them? Again, nothing I wouldn’t buy from here, but those Glitters? To. Die. For. I have 3 Glitters and 4 Lusterous Eye Shadows from these guys and I love them all so much. You can put them on as powder or get them wet and they become a cream. So lovely!


Just buy the whole damn site. Really love their Limited Edition Rainbow Highlighter , their Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation, and anything they do that has glitter in it or on it. Plus they have really good sales.

Thanks for putting up with a random makeup post, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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