Competitive Poet

As if there isn’t enough pressure They demand poets come up with New ways to measure Each other like we’re Some kind of competition And that puts the poet In an awkward position Because last time I checked My feelings … Continue reading



He was not alone

Rejoined said with struggle

Home again he wanders

Blue and crimson in his bloodshot eyes

Buried in his own skin

Like the bullets his heart

Was so fond of catching

And holding fast too long

Those mists of the deep

Would not drag him to a grave

He would willingly march there

Were he breathless and without flag flying

Diligent and unwavering

Shut away from himself

Gone now to a place he could never seem

To bring himself back from


Too many bullet points And not enough bullets In this meeting Advertisements


Potluck Life

My life is just This big potluck  Where everyone has Something to bring to the table And half the time I forget to bring anything at all Advertisements



Every one says

Push forward

Keep going

Don’t look back

That’s not where you’re headed

As if life is linear

They never tell you

That sometimes

You just end up

Working backwards

Or looping back

Or you bring that past

To the future

And make a

Complete circle 

They never tell you that

They lead you to believe

It’s all linear


Rivers Edge

Light and shadow

Dance in the shallows


The contrast

Of values


Culture of Self

When a person  Looks at themselves They often Do not see Their own flaws A culture Looking at its self Will do much The same Advertisements


Bar Room Bell of the Ball

In this cluster They began to talk A lot of  Damn strange stuff And thus became A world themselves Fancying that they were Descendants of Life herself Telling of local worthies Making themselves a symbol One of the reasons They … Continue reading



I’m not sure

What was more painful

Was it knowing

How long it took them

To pry him from

That frozen park bench

Or that when I heard

I had to pretend I was shocked

He died of an overdose


They Don’t Seek

People just don’t seek much anymore. 

They think they’ve heard it all. 

Seen it all. 

Repost, reblogg it all. 

Perhaps they have. 

Perhaps not. 

What I know is they don’t go seeking for much, because they think they know much. 

Information overload. 

That’s what it really is. 

They don’t seek because it’s too tiresome. 

Because they’re burned out and overwhelmed. 

They act like they know it all, because they know too much. 

More than they want to. 

Probably about things that don’t matter. 

Or they don’t care about really, but can’t unknow.