I’m playing for you

I’m playing for you

The song that is

In the fluttering of my eyes

The movement of my limbs

My heart beating or broken

In tears

In laughter

And each passing moment

I’m playing you the part

Of this symphony

That is my life


Summer Breeze

I want to blow minds

The same way that

A summer breeze does


Making subtle movements

Into ripples

To lasting and

Drastic movements

In clouds

In grass

In waves on the shore

And refreshing those who left

Their sun kissed skin


“Never apologize for how you feel.”

But I still will. Not because I am ashamed of feeling, but because I know all feelings are tainted by perception. What is perception, but a tainting of its own? A blackening of my own flaws. Dipped in miscommunication and … Continue reading


“I haven’t seen you post much lately. Wanted to make sure you’re okay.” “Yeah, been avoiding social media a little lately. Too political and overwhelming.”