Great Creative Expectations I keep forgetting this TEDtalk exists. I had seen it first when I was in college learning to cope with the high expectations of creativity: that you have this creative resivoir that never ran dry and always pumped out … Continue reading

People Suck

Why can’t people just be happy for her? It was her third marriage. People kept reminding her and anyone else who would listen to their mouth flap. Yes, it was her third, not that the number counted toward or against … Continue reading

Analysis of a Statement

Yes, I’m a feminist. If saying that makes you want to unfollow or delete me that’s fine. That being said I found this post on Pinterest the other day and it made me very upset.  I realize that I’m not … Continue reading

Speak Clearly

Ever ponder what the “human condition” is when another person brings it up or says it casually in conversation? I find myself wondering what they mean half the time. We have so many different definitions of it. I find myself … Continue reading