The Intimidation Method


He slammed the fragrance tester down on the counter. Demanding that he buy the tester for a discount. I told him we don’t do that here. You buy the product out of the case. I took a look at the shape under his shirt. Couldn’t tell if it was a concealed carry or if he had stolen something from somewhere and was hiding it under his shirt. I stayed calm and cool, but the moment he left, I began to shake profusely. He was the most rude and intimidating customer I had ever encountered, his words were meant to sting, but after dealing with him, I wished he had pulled something so I could call the cops and nail him. I’ve had some rude customers, but none that made me fearful as much as he did.

After talking to my MOD, I realized how strange the whole situation was. The man, from what others told me about his behavior in the store, said it seemed as if he was targeting me, and in turn, my MOD informed me I was not to walk to my car alone that night. I didn’t. I would take no chance. Especially when there had been a rape just last week, with a man still at large. I drove home, constantly looking in my mirror hoping no one was following me.

I slept restlessly.

This is only one of many stories the women of retail can tell you. The men of retail have plenty themselves too. Stalkers. Crazy exes. Customers who feel as if they are superior and try to cause scenes to force you to break the rules. Disgusting phone calls. I cannot say whether men of retail or women of retail have it worse or better. All I know is some customers suck. Intentionally too. They want to hurt you, for whatever reason. They feel bad about themselves. They think they can get what they want if they bully you. They want to hurt someone, maybe get them fired.

I could never understand such a cruel mentality. In fact, I almost feel sorry for people who feel they have to do something like that. It makes a person wonder who hurt them first. Of course I never let my pity justify their actions. If they want to be jerks, then by all means, let them make a fool of themselves. Let their intimidation method fail.

How nice it would be if sales people could treat their customers the way the customers treated them. I feel like retailers would have a lot less customer complaints, because customers who didn’t want to be treated like dirt like they treat sales people would avoid retailers.

Oh to dream.