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Creative Process

With all the stress I have had this past week, I found myself running dry of the creative juices I required to start and complete some design projects. Naturally this happens when a person is mourning the loss of a friend. To add to that I have to put my dog down tomorrow because her cancer is just getting worse and she is suffering. 

Last night I sent one if my clients an email about being behind on things and why. I informed her I don’t usually mix business and personal, but she is also a friend, and she knows how I deal emotionally with things. She told me that she thought the band (making a logo design for her band) would completely understand my case, and told me to take my time. 

Last night I was up until 1am working on her project.  

The creative process was remarkably therapeutic. For his project, instead of creating goals and a strategy to create the logo, I just had her send me a song they just had finished remastering. I put it on repeat and just doodled at first. When a better idea struck me, I began to hash it out in Adobe Illustrator.  Then I just ran with things. By the end I had 6 ideas on the clipboard and one more in my head. I felt good about that. 

What felt even better was how therapeutic it was to dive into the creative process in a raw way. To let the music guide my thoughts and doodles. To start clean slate and just listen for the idea to come. It was new. Different. Unorganized and organic.  

Needless to say today I’m doing okay. My lease is signed. I’m packing more boxes today. I have Bible Study at 2pm, which always helps. In all, things are looking up.