The Most Terrifying Question? 

I admit my worldview is very small. I have limited access to the Internet. I don’t own a TV. I no longer get news papers. I know very little outside my immediate vicinity. In fact I probably know more about my coworkers than I do my own family, which goes to show just how narrow my world is. How shortsighted and small my life seems. 

I wonder if people think bigger and outside themselves often? Or at all?  Perhaps if you’re an important person with intense responsibilities you may, but even then your focus must only be the responsibilities. I imagine that could take up a lot of a person’s time and attention. So even if you’re a person with many responsibilities, the worldview must still be pretty narrow. 

I’m pondering this more or less because of the Political Climate. With the impending 2016 election, I found myself wondering if a person really thinks about large scale issues often? I wonder if people actually have more than a handful of issues that they consider when choosing a candidate? Or do most people single issue vote much of the time if they vote at all? Do people even consider the impact our politics has on the rest of the world? How much our economy does? 

Do people even care as much as they should? 

The system is super flawed for so many reasons, but not all of them are because of political corruption (though it is obvious that there is that issue). You’re asking a citizen with a small world view to make a grand scale decision once every four years? That doesn’t seem frequent enough to ask people to think grand scale. Most people can’t get their own lives together and their world view is small and usually fairly uncomplicated. Why would you ask them to decide the entire political climate of a nation? I’m not saying certain people shouldn’t be allowed to vote or anything. I’m just concerned about the lack of mind expanding information we ask people to make decisions on. After about age 25, I’d think most people have made the larger decisions about their own lives and kind of slip into some kind of comfortable normalcy. 

Do people seek to learn more outside of themselves anymore? Is it even possible to do so? I try, but then again, even my desires to learn outside of me are biased by my interests and values. I admit my concerns for the world are very different than the concerns I probably should have. As are most people’s I think. There are so many things hidden in the shadows. So many unknowns that my worldview will never touch. 

The core of it all this rambling, I think, comes from a deep burning question within me. It’s actually a very terrifying question. Perhaps in my mind the most terrifying question

Are there issues that not a single person in the world is concerned about? 

An absolute unknown issue happening right now that no one in the entire world thinks is even an issue? Has it been so accepted as the way things are, that no one in any generation, ever, in the history of humanity, has ever questioned it?  Are there things we as a whole of humanity have never questioned? Never sought to discover? Never even knew about in all our variances of worldviews and vast experiences? 

I’m concerned that there may never be someone seeking out those things. That they will never come to light. That humanity will never even get a chance to do something about it.