Letter I’ll Never Send: Dear Former Friend

Dear former friend,  I know it’s been three years. I’ve seen your occasional friend requests and yes, I have been ignoring them. Not because I hate you. On the contrary, it’s been very difficult for me to not let you … Continue reading

Something I wrote when I was kind of drunk…

“I slept with this slut the other night…”

He calls them sluts. The girls he sleeps with are sluts. But what does that make him then since the term “girls” is plural. Just a man? An ordinary one? If that’s what ordinary men seem like I want nothing to do with that. Seriously, you have no problem looking for naked pictures, but the moment any girl takes her clothes off…she is just a slut to you? Continue reading

Careful What You Comment

Dear jsmith, I appreciate your honesty, even if it had little to no relevance to the post you attached your comment to, or even the slightest hint of knowledge beyond terms that cause me to suspect your comment was generically … Continue reading