About Me. Whatever I’m about.

I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to have a million friends and readers. But, I do not want to turn off readers to my work and life. I want to be real about who I am. This is all just therapy.

What does that mean for people who are my readers?

What I want in my readership, if I happen to get it, is open minded authenticity. I want them to feel free to interact with what I have to say, with the understanding that I have a right not to interact back or to justify why I feel how I do. Not because I’m rude, but because I’m an introvert, and I’m an awkward person. Flawed and messy.

I’m not here to impress people.

There are days I’m not consistent. There are days I post with some kind of hope that I will get some kind of affirmation or feedback, because my profession and society has trained me to crave those things. I’m not without that desire, but this is the platform in which I choose not to let that part of me take over, where I can talk about it and be real about it, but logically know this is not the place for that expectation. This is the place to get it all out.

As for my content, I’m not sure what I intend to write about specifically. We’ll both be surprised.

All featured photos on this blog are originals taken by me.

Some Links To My Stuff:

My Instagram: For daily images of my life.

My Twitter: For daily statuses about my life.

My Flickr: For my best photos on Instagram…but mostly those photos too good for Instagram.

My Etsy: Because I’m self employed and this is one of my many ventures.

My Design Portfolio: Because I do all kinds of design work being self employed.

Tell Tale Books: Because a friend of mine and I like to share our love of literature and this is yet another venture of mine.

5 thoughts on “About Me. Whatever I’m about.

  1. Dear Bag O’ Magic Soup,

    Recently you left a comment on my blog Old Guv Legends (derwombat.net).
    I live in Adelaide, South Australia and quite often travel to a country town Peterborough which has an old letterpress print shop which is looked after by the local historical society.
    They have the most amazing collection of wooden type and are really keen in contacting the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in the States.
    Can you help with a contact there that they can communicate with:

    My email is parham.rod@gmail.com

    Regards, Rod Parham

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