Self Investment

How much time should a woman invest in herself? ⠀

I debate about this a lot, because I come from a wounded place when contemplating this question. I had always believed that it was selfish to invest in myself and that I wasn’t worthy. For a long time that was my story. ⠀

It’s not my story anymore. ⠀

As I heal I’m probably about a 70% self investor now. I’d love to get to 100% some day, but until that day comes I’ll do what I can to get there. Right now a great deal of my energy is going into building my Three Crystals brand and a few of my own clients brands. Which takes a lot of energy, but I find that it all comes naturally when I take the time to take care of myself. ⠀

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves too. Just know that if you struggle with self investment I totally see you and am proud of any strides you make to take care of you, even if it’s hard. You are so worthy of it.

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