“Don’t value your body over your being.”

Why? Aren’t they one in the same?

I was part of a culture that lead me to believe I was split between mind, body, and spirit. While some still hold this belief, I have found that to see my personhood as a whole living being is far more useful to me, and that there is ample evidence to prove such a unity.

All things are interconnected. When my body isn’t in balance I feel like total chaos. When I am ill, my thoughts often are as well. When I am angry my body often displays it in expressions and even in illness. When I am depressed it often manifests it’s self in my blood sugars and stress responses. When I take care of my body by feeding it good things, drinking water, and keeping it well balanced…the other emotions and reactions tend to feel cared for too.

My mind, body, and soul all react at once when one or the other is out of balance. It shows me they are all one. I am one being, who is whole and unsegmented. To care for my body is to care for my being, and will result in the others following suit if I allow them to enjoy being taken care of and fulfill the needs I require.

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