My whole life I have been privileged enough to live near water. Specifically the magnificent Lake Michigan. I have lived on its opposing shores and seen it’s vastly different landscape. I’ve watched it change over the years and seen it calm as glass and extremely angry. It’s been beautiful to watch.

Over the years the waters have given me gifts. I have loved collecting stones, fossils, and any other found objects that a person can find on the beach. I have played in her waters and sought treasures for as long as I can remember. I always leave far more than I have found, because others will want treasures and I want them to find them, but those I have chosen to keep make their way into my planter.

I have an old 1950s house with the obligatory planter built-in. I’m such a sucker for built-ins. Of course because I have cats, keeping plants in there was out of the question. So instead, I keep my stones on display. Mixing them up and bringing different ones to the top all the time. Sometime I’ll polish one or two if it speaks to me. Other time I leave them as they are, because they were beautiful to me when I found them like that. So why change them?

I try to keep the stones I work with in the raw. Because their natural state is most beneficial. To polish them and alter them can mean bringing out more beauty, but it can also mean limiting their power. The uniqueness of a crystal lies in its structure. There is also meaning to the structures of stones and crystals, so to alter it from its most natural state is to alter its usefulness and message.

I think that goes for most things in life. Letting things stay in their natural state isn’t a bad thing. Not everything needs to change. Not everything needs to be altered or controlled. Some things are just beautiful if you let it be.

One thought on “Stones

  1. I grew up in rural Newfoundland. Our house was on a hill and looked out over the bay. What you’ve written here resonates strongly with me. Beautiful post, and I agree things are beautiful in their natural state, no need to alter them.

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