Leaning In

I’ve had so many crazy things happen in the past few weeks that I don’t know how to begin. So hang in there with me.

I officially started taking steps to become self employed. I know now seems like the worst time to do this, but I’m no longer afraid of self employment…mostly because returning to my corporate job’s toxic environment sounds like far worse a prospect.

While in quarantine, I was approached by a former peer about doing some Life Coaching sessions with her during the trying time. I figured personal growth and goal setting was a welcome distraction from the more destructive prospects that old happen during quarantine. So I pulled the trigger, and I’m so glad I did.

Megs Colleen and I have been working through some personal issues I have had with my self image, my lack of boundaries, and wanting to be self employed. She’s been an amazing person to work with in teaching me how to reclaim my own feminine power and take control of the life I want instead of the life I thought I was just stuck with. Her encouragement and thoughtful insight have helped me to get into a better headspace, have a better relationship with my body, and got my butt in gear about my LLC.

So I am officially the Sole Proprietor of Three Crystals LLC. I sell jewelry that I have hand crafted on ETSY and at a brick and mortar at Craftea Sisters. I will also be working on my freelance graphic design with this LLC. I’m partnering with two other women to assist in the boutique space and to work as collective designers and create a creative collaboration.

My biggest concern was how to deal with if I got called back to work? What happens with insurance? What do I need to do with my unemployment?

All of that took place only moments ago, when I got the call that I was let go from my company and my insurance was going to last me to the end of the month. Which was so freeing, because I didn’t know what decisions to make about it. Would I go back for two weeks just to put in my notice? Would I just call it quits and notify them I was not returning? Since I was let go it felt like God was really showing me that He planned on taking care of all of it. I just needed to lean in and listen and wait for it to get taken care of.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with unemployment. I can’t figure out how to change my work status from “returning to employer” and how to take care of the fact that I am now self employed. I’m hoping when I fill out for this week’s unemployment that I can figure it out and not commit fraud, since none of the service phone numbers are open right now since no one is officially back at work with Safer-At-Home.

The fact that things have been taking care of themselves and my intuition has been good at telling me my next direction, has been a really empowering experience. one that Megs encouraged me to keep listening and keep stepping into that flow.

3 thoughts on “Leaning In

  1. Congratulations!!!!That’s so amazing, especially in the middle of a pandemic. You are very courageous. But life really is too short to spend your time at a job you dislike. Good for you! I am wishing you every success with all your ventures.

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