Tiny Update: We’re Alive Still

So far, my husband and I are still alive, and have no signs of the virus.

Yesterday, I got a little stir crazy. My husband and I went over to the drive through at Burger King and I tried the Impossible Burger. It was wonderful. I was just glad to be out of the house for an hour. We ate in the parking lot and drove by the lake and parked to watch the waves for a little while. Never left the vehicle of course.

My husband didn’t have to work this weekend. It was nice to spend time with him. Though most of the time he spent his time in his man cave watching films and eating whatever sacks he’s snuck home and hoarded down there. I’ve managed to make some new jewelry and post them on my Three Crystals Page on Facebook. A few people have bought, which helped give me a little cash to pay a utility bill and keep my checking account open.

I did my weekly filing for unemployment. Thankfully that went pretty smoothly.

Nothing else much to report. Just figured I’d let you all know we are still surviving this crazy mess. I hope you are as well. I hope you’re all healthy and happy and being responsible.

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