They say that people should be documenting this time, because in the future people will want to know what the pandemic meant and did to everyone. I don’t know if blogging counts really, but I feel like there isn’t much to be said. I haven’t done too much.

I got laid off temporarily on Monday afternoon. Filed for unemployment like the rest of the company did. Then I took to the internet to try and sell some jewelry. Or at least post some pretties to get some interest and activity going. I’ve considered putting up a shop on Facebook. Seeing what that does for me. Though I don’t know if that’ll do me any good. I think everyone else is in the same place I am right now, so no one is going to be spending much.

I have to say I’m in a pretty good place though. With services like Unemployment and my husband having an essential job, I feel like we’re really pretty fortunate to be in the place we are. Our investments are being managed pretty well so our losses aren’t too bad. Our bills are getting paid. we have some rainy day funds to help us along. We’re doing okay for now.

Funny thing about all this, is I’ve never felt more motivated or creative as I do right now. My dreams are getting more vivid as I build worlds, and last night I practically designed the coolest house ever and drafted it up when I woke up. I’ve gotten so much new jewelry made. I’ve been blogging more now than I think I’ve ever been, just recounting the days of this quarantine. Again, not that there is much to say about it. Life kinda just goes on.

Emotionally there is more to it I feel. I miss my friends. I miss my family. I’m calling more people and I’m posting more online than I normally would. Trying to reach out and keep connections going. I’m amazed at the people who are speaking to me regularly some days. They’re the last people I would have thought of in some cases. I’m hearing more from my siblings, which is kinda a miracle.

I like staying home for the most part, but even in my own home I’m not safe. With my husband working at a grocery store, he is at risk of bringing home more than just a paycheck, including the virus. We still have o official cases of the virus in our county, which tells me that we probably do, but people are not coming forward to get tested, or they aren’t getting tested because the medical system is giving them the run around. I’m sure its in our area, even if it is a mild enough case. I can’t imagine it’s not. Still the worry for my husband and myself is high, and with my health not having been great, it’s worrisome.

Still I’m doing my best not to be afraid. I’m so stubborn about it. I haven’t left the house but for prescriptions in the last few weeks and I’m washing my hands well even in my own home. My kitties have been good company. I plan on getting a lot done on some Tell Tale stuff today that I’ve been working on for quite a while. Trying to keep up on content building for our social media. Making videos. Reviewing books. Reading books. Just staying out of trouble.

What are you all doing to pass the time?

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