Walgreens didn’t look as ransacked as the grocery stores. The toilet paper aisle was empty, and all the hand sanitizer stations were as well, but other than that the usual things were around. I had come for feminine’s supplies and shampoo and conditioner, on a mission to find something for curly hair that wasn’t going to strip it so dry that it went frizzy and limp.

Of course I left with more than what I came for. I picked up some inexpensive eyeshadow primer and lip balm. A little gift for my husband. Some mouthwash. I had considered grabbing more beauty stuff since most of it was on sale…but figured I didn’t really need it…just wanted it.

It’s funny how the desire to feel pretty still hits hard…even when you’re hardly going out and about. I still want to put on makeup and look good. I still want to wear pretty dresses even though I’m jus sitting at home working or whatever. I want these things, and still can’t seem to shake them. Even in these hard times.

I find that I also have less time for the things I thought I’d have more time for. Like reading. You’d think I’d be reading more to catch up on stuff for Tell Tale, but really I find myself catching up on things I typically neglect until my husband says something. I’ve cleaned my whole house, and feel a great sense of accomplishment for having done that. I’ve moped floors, vacuumed, dusted, and picked up things. Wiped down counters continually. Did dishes even.

Most of my time I’m filling with naps. My Hashimoto’s and Diabetes both have me very aware of how tired I am, and I keep giving in to the exhaustion. I’m not drinking as much caffeine as I normally do at work and it’s making me very aware of how much I manipulate my body to stay awake. So yesterday I got up and cleaned, took a 5 hour nap, and got up to spend time with my husband the rest of the evening, and went to bed at 11pm.

All that being said, I find myself wishing I had spent my time more productively. Today I caffeinated with Diet Dr. Pepper in hopes of having enough energy to get some things done. I took all my vitamins and even had a proteins shake for breakfast, something I don’t often do even though I probably should since I spent all that money on that Herbalife stuff. So I’m hoping to at least get some crafting or something done. I have a huge 25 oz glass of water next to me at all time to help keep me hydrated, since I’m moving around my house more…even though you couldn’t tell I was staying hydrated form the state of my skin…dry and flakey.

In all, staying at home hasn’t been so bad. I’ve not really felt very stir crazy. Like I’ve said in past posts, not much has changed. Things are very boring probably from a reader’s perspective, though I feel like when I’m awake I’m keeping busy enough.

What are you all doing in quarantine?

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