Body Language

She squealed at me expectantly. Looking at the sink I was filling my water glass at then back at me.

“Are you out of water?” She ran to her water bowl immediately at the question and sat next to it. I picked up the bowl and filled it, placing it back next to her when full. She drank happily, making little buns as she did.

How is it, that I can understand the needs of my animal, who cannot speak the same language as me, but I still struggle to figure out the needs of most humans in my life? I’ve has Shelby in my life for 20 years, and while not all cats are very expressive, most are expressive enough to tell you their wants or needs and nearly immediately. Humans? No. You have to play games with them. Sometimes for years before you’ve gotten a tiny bit close to figuring it out.

Animals rely on you the most in the partnership. It requires them to ask things of you, and in part, you to be obligated to give it to them for their survival or contentment. For humans, you are not the sole reliance. They are capable of self satisfaction. They are not as reliant on you for needs in a human relationship. They are more or less reliant on wants from you, but you are not obligated to fulfill wants.

The animal human relationship seems to have better understanding of roles than the human to human relationship. Yet still, with all our vocabulary and words…we can’t seem to figure out how to navigate being human and interacting with one another effectively?

Oh what a world.

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