Christmas had been a lot less stressful this year than it had been in the past. For starters I didn’t worry about gifts for people outside of my immediate family and a few close friends. Most of my shopping I completed on Thanksgiving because I did it all online and sent everything wrapped directly to everyone’s homes. Christmas cards were sent a week after the gifts to the rest of the family. I had nothing further to do until Christmas Eve.

We did an overnight at my parents house. Drank and watched Christmas movies. Ate spaghetti and talked. The evening was foggy, and densely so, which made me very grateful to not have to drive again. Not exactly the white Christmas that we had been hoping for, but we were just glad to be in a warm house and out of the weather with our family.

Christmas morning was a quiet one. We woke up when we were ready. We ate breakfast and opened gifts. We relaxed and cooked a large lunch of turkey, mashed potatoes, veggie platter, and green bean casserole. Then we packed up the cars. I went home while the rest of the family went to my aunts open house with my husband. I was ready to introvert.

Upon arriving home I found myself curled up on the couch with a good book, but also struggling to stay awake. When I woke it was to the sound of my husband at the door and the cats yodeling their greeting to him.

The tree lights were the only lights on as we sat in the couch together. Snuggling in the warmth of each others embrace. I smelled the scent of home cooking and cologne on his collar and I nuzzled my face into his neck.

It was a Merry Christmas indeed.

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