Body Mods and Diabetes: Part 2

The wound looks like I got shot in the chest dead center by a 22. But that is only because the scab from the drainage is large. A couple hot compresses of warm water with gauze and it looks a little less intimidating.

After an errand to pick up my antibiotics and more gauze, my husband took me to DQ for a burger and ice cream. Then I came home, took a ton of insulin, and laid sleepless in bed until about 9:30pm when I couldn’t stay awake anymore.

The pain isn’t too bad unless I turn weird or stretch a little too much, but there is still a fairly large lump behind the wound and I’m constantly afraid it’s more puss and I keep trying to express it, but nothing comes out. So I warm compress and then cool compress the area. Hoping that the swelling goes down.

No fevers, which is a very good sign. The doctor was more afraid of fevers and blood poisoning from the infection since it was located so close to my heart. I’m thankful for that, just wish my blood sugars would go back to normal, and that I wasn’t such a comfort eater at work while feeling stressed and icky. Because, of course, that doesn’t help.

I’ve still been at work even though it’s a pool of illness and infection. I’m hoping that I stay well because after that ER visit I can’t afford not to be at work. I’ve got a huge medical bill to pay after all.

That’s the update. Hope you all are having a good winter and have fun holiday plans coming up.

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