Body Mods and Diabetes: A Story

My dermal got super infected and was making my blood sugars really high to the point of spilling keytones, which means it was doing organ damage over 2 days time. I made the decision to have an emergency removal late last night.

At the ER, the doctor was very friendly and we both communicated really well and worked together to remove the dermal comfortably. He had never had to remove one, but after we talked and a little online research, he numbed me up and a couple very tiny nearly invisible incisions and I was free of it. I can finally start the healing process and get my blood sugars in order.

Diabetics always need to be careful of infections because our bodies heal very slowly and our immune systems don’t always work. Things can often snowball into something worse. This was a bad location for my body to have this dermal in and it told me the hard way.

Always pay attention to your body as a diabetic. It’ll let you know when you cannot handle something. You can always work with your piercer later to find a better solution and location if you decide to try again. Take care of yourselves my little fighters.

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