Should I stay or should I go?

It’s one of the slowest weeks at work for us as designers. Which is really odd because it’s the busy season, and makes me particularly nervous since the budget cuts and position eliminations lately. I find myself super concerned about my place, even though my CEO tells us that we are one an no one is under further consideration for “release.” Like we are wild animals or something.

Still, I’ve been brushing up my resume, because it’s proactive to do so. Though I worry about that loaded question if I’m in an interview: “Why did you leave?”

I have many reasons to leave, even though I overall like working where I do, the thought of it all suddenly and unceremoniously coming to an end is terrifying. Yes, I have loyalty, but I also have a family that and cannot afford to lose my job for any period of time. But will my fear cause me to look disloyal? Which is better? To go down with the ship along with the captain, or to save yourself? I mean, it is capitalism after all right?

I of course have more reasons than that to want to leave. Lack of reward for my work since there were no raises this year, problem employee who is not being dealt with well and is draining, lack of resources, lack of communication, lack of support. There is much that is lacking. Enough that the day-to-day is becoming less and less streamlined and more disorganized.

Are those reasons enough though for one to leave… outside of a potentially sinking ship? I don’t have an answer for that. All I can think of is the potential panic of that question and all the ways a potential employer could take it the wrong way or put a negative spin on it. Which is a terrible feeling because it makes a person feel like there is no way out. Like the game is against the employed, which I’m not so convinced it’s not.

Anyway, I plan to update my resume and start more seriously researching job postings, just to keep things fresh and options open. The economy is so volatile right now I feel to not look seems irresponsible.

One thought on “Should I stay or should I go?

  1. Sometime we must go. I change my life completely five times. If we fall into boring life. We can accept or seek better place. When you are young, keep what you need so you can escape. When needed. In our mind, a whisper can tell us what we should do.

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