Just Some Rambling

My heart feels like it has a few things to say, but honestly I’m struggling to find the words to put to the feelings that I have within me. A common issue I have it seems and probably one of the reason I struggle with writing more regularly than I used to. Or maybe the reason I struggle more is because the world looks and feels so much more complicated than it once did when I lived in my parents house and had more protection from the hardships of adulthood.

Now I live fully immersed in the reality of adulthood and I struggle to find time as well as words when it comes to writing my blog. I’m still pushing through it though, and I’m still trying to find things I can write about.

Lately much of my writing skills are going towards helping friends in hard situations. As I have mentioned before I have a few friends struggling with hard stuff in their lives, and while many of them are very good at protecting my empathic nature and not getting me involved many of them ask advice and often I respond as reasonably as I can with what little information I have. Of course I hate that though, because there is always two side to every coin and even more so when you’re rolling dice, which is how I feel more often than not. So I try to tread lightly and give advice in small bites and limits. I often find myself just admiring I don’t feel comfortable giving advice because I’m caught between not wanting to get involved but needing more info to offer sound answers.

At the end of the day I’m not a therapist. Nor do I want to be. I let that dream go a long time ago for my own sanity. So I often recommend therapy to people who seem like they can benefit from it. Not that they take my advice but I try.

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