Rough Week

My boss got fired on Tuesday. That really sucked. My company CEO told us it was to get rid of some overhead because the company didn’t make its numbers the past two months. They told us we were not going to be getting a new manager. We were on our own.

I was so upset.

The next day I went to work devastatingly depressed. I still worked. I still got stuff done. I went home and cried over the sweet email my former manager had sent me. We promised to keep in touch. He had become less of a manager and more of a friend than either of us had realized. So we decided to keep in touch regularly.

On Thursday at 2am I woke up with the worst sore throat I have ever had in my adult life. I kept me up most of the night and I only managed to stay at work for about an hour before I decided I needed to go to the walk-in. At the walk in they told me that if I got a fever then it was the flu, but at the time I arrived at the clinic my temperature was normal, and so I was sent home with a dr note. By noon I had a fever of 100.1* F and I was miserable. I slept and ached until my husband woke me up when he got home.

Upon reading all the messages I had missed from friends I realized more than half of town had what I did and was miserable too. My book club got canceled. Several friends in our group message said they came home too. It sounded like the whole area was sick with this plague.

I emailed my HR person and teammate to let them know I wasn’t coming in on Friday either. It was 8pm and my fever was still at 100. I had some Mac n cheese and ice cream in hopes the warm and cold might help my throat. Plus they were easy things to swallow…fairly soft foods. No such luck. It was still painful to swallow. I drank tea all the same to try to stay hydrated and only left my bed to eat and use the restroom, and at one point to see what my husband was up to because I was feeling lonely. Other than that I felt achy and dead to the world.

Today I slept all day again. My fever is gone but my throat is still painful. I’m drinking both tea and ice water to try to sooth it. Still it’s not working, but I gotta stay hydrated even if it hurts. I hope to take a shower and change the sheets to get all this sick off of me.

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