We have the most delightful breeze this afternoon. I’ve opened all the windows in the house knowing there are only a few days more before we will no longer be able to for the cold. Today it’s 61 degrees and sunny. A stark contrast to 40, raining, and windy as hell like it was yesterday.

We had spent most of our weekend at Windigofest. A local festival for freak shows, hearse shows, and all things Halloween. Metal music and spooky vendors permeated the streets and it was hard to tell the cast from the crowd with all the magnificent costumes.

I, of course, felt very at home. An avid lover of dress up and all things spooky I was happy to go. My husband and I visited Friday night for music and drinks after dinner. Then Saturday we spent the afternoon and evening there with friends enjoying the sights, sounds, wind, and rain, which while inconvenient for most people felt super appropriate to us. Thankfully none of the weather scared the crowd away and the rain was gone by the time the costume parade began. Though the wind prevailed.

We had a lovely time.

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