The trees had just begun to turn for the season, and the wildflowers were at their peak of color dusting the meadows with yellows and purples amidst the green. Soy beans were yellowing in brilliant patches and farmers were cutting a third harvest of alfalfa from their fields. Corn was tasseled brilliantly and swayed in the wind in waves that mesmerized. I never wanted to leave.

I hadn’t been camping in years and when my parents presented the opportunity I happily accepted without even asking my husband’s input. Later when I told him about it he had mentioned having never been camping at an actual campsite before, and I was thrilled to have made the decision. We put in our vacation time and excitedly waiting with anticipation.

The weather had kept threatening rain, but it held off all week. It was beautiful, sunny, and just shy of 80 degrees the entire stay. We slept in my parents camper and went out to explore the tiny and old farming towns surrounding the campground. We went antiquing and exploring, walked on paths, wadded in the kettle lake, and overall enjoyed the woodlands and sweeping meadows surrounding us.

The day we left it poured so hard we were all soaked from moving from the camper to the car. When my husband and I arrived home we were stocked to the gills with leftover food and the few treasures we we purchased while on our trip.

I took today off too in anticipation for some recharging. My husband had an appointment and offered to take me out to brunch afterward, which left me an entire morning to attend to a few errands. I managed to take a huge bag of items to the thrift store, get some information from Subway for catering for the Masquerade Ball we were planning in October with friends, and cleaned the living room in anticipation for book club at my house on Thursday. Later this afternoon I intend to go to tea with a friend and see the Downton Abby film.

It feels really good to have a week day off to actually get things done. It feels even better to have paid vacation time to go camping.

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