Oddity and Curiosity Expo

Once in the vehicle my anxiety waned away and I could breath again. The trip was underway, and while there were so many unknowns still, I was glad to have the anticipation gratified.

We arrived at my aunts Chicago home at 11pm. We settled in and then went to bed. Not much was done that first night. We were all too tired to hang out or say much since most of us had pretty much met up immediately after work, and the heat was also stifling as we drove in the night. We were exhausted.

The next morning I made us all breakfast and ordered an Uber. Our venue was over an hour away from our location, but none of us wanted to worry about driving in Saturday morning traffic. We arrived at the venue around 11am. It was air conditioned but still really hot with all the people in the building. The vendors were amazing. The art was fantastic. The odd and weird were surprisingly affordable.

My husband got a sheep heart wet specimen. I got several bags full of bones for jewelry making and some neat wall art. I got a micro-dermal body piercing on my chest which I had been wanting forever. We enjoyed the freak shows and the company of fellow freaks.

It was great. I highly recommend it for everyone.

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